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About Us

The story of our company begins in 2017, where the idea for the Encyclopedia of Cannabis (ENofCA) was born. After our team spent over a year collecting data from a multitude resources, forums and growers; we decided to collaborate in the same format and make it easier for users to find information about different Cannabis strain varieties; for recreational, medicinal and educational purposes. Upon completion of the design and content for this literary piece, we decided to found the ENOFCA company in 2018. Our team independently published our first printing of the Encyclopedia at the Chris Russell printing company in Groningen, Netherlands. We have thousands of copies currently at our Head Office, ready for distribution into the European and North American market. Currently, our company headquarters is based in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Our team has since expanded to include international operations with teams in Vancouver, Canada and Prague, Czech Republic. 

The team goal for the future includes international book distribution, the development of new and updated products related to emerging cannabis strain education with a focus on providing excellent customer relationships.