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Delivery Information

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Delivery and execution

1. Enofca VOF will be the greatest possible care taken when receiving and implementing orders for products and when assessing applications for the provision of services.

2. The place of delivery is the address that has to Enofca VOF known customers.

3. Subject to what is stated in Article 4 of these Terms and Conditions, Enofca VOF accepted orders expeditiously (immediately) but not later than 20 days, unless a different delivery period is agreed. For online orders the indicative delivery times are mentioned on our website (s).

4. Enofca VOF will with the products and services that are physically delivered a packing slip, invoice, and send a model withdrawal form.

5. If a product is unexpectedly no longer available, an equivalent or better replacement product is delivered. The customer will be informed by email.

6. If an order is not or only partially carried out, the customer will receive at least 30 days after he / she has placed the order. The client in this case the right to terminate the contract without penalty and be entitled to a refund or a discount on your next order or any other compensation.

7. After dissolution in accordance with the preceding paragraph Enofca VOF will the amount paid by the customer to repay immediately (within 30 days after termination).

8. The risk of damage and / or loss of products rests with Enofca VOF until the moment of delivery to the customer or a pre-designated and Enofca VOF announced representative of the customer, unless otherwise agreed, and subject to paragraph 9 and 10.

9. The transmission of sensitive (fragile and perishable) goods is possible, but always at the risk of the customer. The packaging can be damaged during transport, but this does not always affect the inhoud. Direct after receipt of the goods the customer should check the package contents, quantity and quality. Any deviations and / or shortcomings need by return (within 72 hours of delivery) to be reported to Enofca VOF by sending an e-mail to info@enofca.com containing the following information: 1. a) Name of the customer

2. b) The order number

3. c) The invoice number

4. d) The order date

5. e) The date the package was received

6. f) The delivery address

7. g) Description of the / of the product (s) with defects and / or shortcomings

8. h) Description of deviation and / or failure In an incomplete, unclear or late provision by the customer of the information requested is no compensation possible.

9. If in the opinion of Enofca VOF compensation for deviation (s) and / or failure (s) justified, the customer can choose between a refund (refund), a discount on your next order or any other compensation.

10. Each packet is sent by registered mail so that it is assured (as specified by the parcel). If a parcel is not delivered within a reasonable time, then an investigation is started with the parcel. If it appears that the packet is lost and the parcel pays compensation, the customer is entitled to a refund or reship.

11. Enofca VOF can not be held responsible for delays caused by the actions of the parcel or customs.

12. Import regulations vary by country and are constantly changing. Should a package or one or more items will be refused at the border due to customs regulations than Enofca VOF can not be held liable.

13. If the customer refuses the goods to take delivery or fails (been) in respect of correct delivery (eg incorrect addressing) additional costs may be incurred (eg storage costs). That any additional costs are borne by the customer.

14. If a situation as in paragraph 13 or 15 occurs, Enofca VOF shall in no way be held responsible for spoilage or get it on the date of goods.

15. If a package is returned in its entirety, after refusal by customs and is in good condition received return, following reimbursement of the product value, provided the goods are not to be spoiled or the date. Shipping costs are not refunded in this case.

16. All possible administrative errors as soon as possible but no later than 30 days after notification thereof corrected.