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Ebook - Encyclopedia of Cannabis

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Save the Seeds, They will Save You… How Encyclopedia of Cannabis works? 2 books that first comprehensively inform and map out a list of ca..

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Save the Seeds, They will Save You…

How Encyclopedia of Cannabis works?

2 books that first comprehensively inform and map out a list of cannabis varieties. Information obout yields, growing time, plant genetics, their effects, use in medicine, content of active substances and other information.

Scan QR code on page of Enyclopedia and get to virtual version of strain with deeper information which will share all of us. With links to eshops and to other ways of using cannabis ...& much more. Let's play this international educational game.


These books have a soul. It's about 1.200 pages together. It's something to boast with your friends. Something you enjoy when you read it.

We have been forced to make 2 books. It is more comfortable for you.

Can you imagine that you read one book weighing almost 6 kg?

First book where you can find strains from letter "A" to "K"

Second book where you can find strains from letter "K" to "Z"

These books have been printed because we wanted to make it easier for you to look for the best strain. We have done the work for you.

Take your time. Therebare a lot of strains. You will find your favourite ones. Don't worry.

In order to buy the book, you must be 18+/ 21+ (US)

Book name "Encyclopedia of Cannabis" and logo is on the spine of the book.

So you can find them easily in your library.

Our logo is based on education. These books should help you choose the best strain.

Strain which is suitable for you.

There is a national flag of seed bank at each margin of the page.

Helps you search your favorite seed banks.

Genetics is something you have to know. Remember that attributes of each parent are included in particular strain. I think you're also happy to know who your parents are :)

The pie chart graph shows percentage of Sativa/ India (sometimes Ruderalis) in particular strain. This info can tell you more about its effects to your body/ mind. It is known that Indica is more sedative, relaxing and good for night use. On the other hand Sativa is stimulating, energetic, and best for day use. Choice is up to you.

Each page consist of detailed final product photos. Who wants to buy a seeds without knowing how it will looks like? Here it is.

One of the most important part of page. If you want to buy a seeds because you want to get high or becase of medicinal purposes. It is up to you. Price is written very clear and with big font so you can compare each strain very easily.

Name of particular strain is also on the edge of each page to make it easier to find your favourite candy :-)

Average user ratings collected from more than 5 biggest online Mariujana forums. This information can be useful for many readers.

Seed bank name, logo and its national flag. You know in a second where to buy.

At the bottom of each page is first letter of the strain name. This makes it easier to browse through the book.

This encyclopedia is made of quality paper. Spine of the book is very durable. But remember it is a book so you have to take care about it. Not everybody can say "I have encyclopedia of cannabis"

A view of the entire page where another strain is displayed.

Website. The important website. The place where you can buy this 2 books. The price will definitely surprise you.

You will definitely enjoy scrolling the book every time you will hold it.

Enjoy and cooperate with us on next editions. Thank you in advance.