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Poker Cards - playing deck 5- Pre-orders

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We are introducing our new vision of how to enjoy and share cannabis knowledge through a game. We are playful and we know that poker cards are f..

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  • We are introducing our new vision of how to enjoy and share cannabis knowledge through a game. We are playful and we know that poker cards are famous worldwide and it makes it even more exciting when adding various cannabis strains onto cards.

    Thanks to issuing 416 playing poker cannabis cards, we could create 8 different poker decks. Each deck obtains 52 cards. Every card is dedicated to one strain, which was picked out from our Encyclopedia, has a special QR code and allows you to get even more information. Why 8 different packages with 416 cards in total? Edition of 416 cards give to players the opportunity to collect cards, exchange, use it as a way to identify which seed is growing in the flowerpot, it is an easy way to learn about cannabis strains or It can be used for any other purposes because imagination does not have a limit. Every player can put together cards of his/her choice depending on popularity and create own cannabis poker deck. On the top of all this, these poker cards are going to be a part of our cannabis table game, which we are preparing for next year.

    Other benefit is that you can use the cards as a way how to present your company or as a promo.

  • A total of 5,000 decks of poker cards should be printed. If there will be interest in pre-orders and more than 25% of packages are booked, we will start printing.

  • We offer cards in advance to adapt the first edition of the cards to interest.

  • The package price will be $ 20. The cards will be made on a plastic base or paper.

  • If you are interested in purchasing a deck of poker cards, leave us your details and we will contact you as soon as we are ready.

Description :

  • Size : 88 x 63 mm

  • Material : Plastic / Paper

Checklist : 

209.  Auto White Berry / Paradise Seeds

210.  Critical Jack Herer Auto / Delicious Seeds

211.  Blue Rhino / Positronic Seeds

212.  Chemdawg / Humboldt Seeds

213.  Cannalope Kush / DNA Genetics

214.  Sugar Black Rose Auto / Delicious Seeds

215.  OG Kush / Humboldt Seeds

216.  Y Griega  / Medical Seeds

217.  Mendocino Purple Kush / Medical Seeds

218.  Northern Light Auto / Bulldog Seeds

219.  Sugar Candy / Delicious Seeds

220.  Black Widow / Positronic Seeds

221.  Sweet Cheese Auto / Sweet Seeds

222.  Skywalker Kush / Reserva Privada

223.  Autoflowering White Russian #1 / Serious Seeds

224.  Blue Cheese Auto / Royal Queen Seeds

225.  The OG#18 / Reserva Privada

226.  Great White Shark / Green House Seeds

227.  Early Durban / Flying Dutchmen

228.  Pakistan Valley / World of Seeds

229.  Crystal Cloud / Ministry of Cannabis

230.  Green House Thai / Green House Seeds

231.  Haze Mist / Flying Dutchmen

232.  Silver Kush / Reserva Privada

233.  White Russian / Serious Seeds

234.  Royalmatic / Ministry of Cannabis

235.  Crystal White / Spliff Seeds

236.  Cheese / Vision Seeds

237.  Northern Ligths / Vision Seeds

238.  Think Fast / Dutch Passion

239.  Crockett´s Sour Tangie / Crockett Family Farm

240.  Automatic Fini / Super Strains

241.  Fresh Candy / Pyramid Seeds

242.  White Widow / Pyramid Seeds

243.  Florida OG / Grow Your Own

244.  Faraona / Kannabia Seeds

245.  Super Skunk / White Label

246.  SnowRyder Auto / White Label

247.  Kali Haze / White Label

248.  Black Domina / Sensi Seeds

249.  High Level / Eva Seeds

250.  Chrystal / Nirvana Seeds

251.  Maya Gold / Sumo Seeds

252.  Mendo Diesel / Apotheracy Genetics

253.  Ruderalis Indica / Sensi Seeds

254.  Monster / Eva Seeds

255.  Auto AK / Female Seeds

256.  White Cheese Auto / Sumo Seeds

257.  Mkage / TH Seeds

258.  Rapsberry Cough / Nirvana Seeds

259.  Veneno / Eva Seeds

260.  Blink Blink Haze / BCN Seeds